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For your commercial needs, you can purchase curated scalable renewable energy solutions through GF Range.
GF Range packages range from simple,single phase battery back‐up energy solutions ideal for a small business
to three phase solar scalable energy solutions for demanding energy needs. All packages are scalable.
Purchase a curated scalable renewable energy solution from GF Range and qualify for savings on Volta
batteries and Deye inverters and a complimentary 1‐year Platinum ops and maintenance plan.
Finance this renewable energy solution through Business Partners Ltd Energy Fund to qualify for no repayment
obligation for first six months.

Savings are applied on all Deye inverters and Volta batteries only. Batteries or inverters purchased outside of
the Deye/Volta brands will not qualify for any savings and will be charged at the normal retail price.

Solar systems need to be inspected annually and cleaned on a regular basis depending on where you live. The
cleaning must be done by a professional who is certified to work at heights – GF Range have teams to ensure
that your system is maintained properly.
All Business Partner Ltd financed packages come with a complimentary 1‐year Platinum ops and maintenance
plan. The ops and maintenance plan will commence from the date of installation.

Please see the below table that illustrates the Premium ops and maintenance plan.


Free delivery for Deye systems only within 50km radius of core metropolitan area of Cape Town CBD. Outlying
areas may incur additional costs with regards to labour and delivery for Deye systems

  • Access to a dedicated Energy Advisor: GF Range’s dedicated Energy Advisors (EA’/s) provide valuable guidance and advice, enabling you to make informed decisions about your energy needs and solutions.
  • Dedicated project management: End‐to‐end project management services, led by a dedicated project manager, ensures smooth and efficient project execution, quoting and installation. This reduces the burden on you and minimises potential project delays.
  • Post‐installation support:
    • 24/7 post‐installation support ensures that you have access to assistance when you need it.
    • 24/7 technical support, which allows for remote troubleshooting. If any faults are found and the issues cannot be resolved, GF Range will facilitate a next day callout by the installation partner, or another vetted installer partner based on availability. If the issue is found to be an installation fault all cost will be covered by GF Range.
  • Warranty coordination: Handling warranty matters simplifies the process and ensures that any issues covered by warranties are addressed promptly.
  • An all‐inclusive Platinum ops & maintenance plan: Providing operations and maintenance (O&M) plans for panel cleaning, performance monitoring, and maintenance reports helps you optimize the long‐term efficiency and reliability of your systems.
  • Quality assurance on installations: Quality Assurance checks on installer partner teams and compliance checks on installations ensure that you receive high‐quality, compliant systems, minimizing potential issues and risks.
  • GF Compliance Officers: GF Range Compliance Officers will be present during the installation process to ensure the GF Range standard of installation are met.

Yes, for GF Range to complete the installation your property will require a COC. GF Range can offer a compliance verification inspection and COC at a cost of R3450. (incl. VAT)
A formal SSEG application with the City of Cape Town will cost an additional R4000 (incl. VAT)

They require the business owner to submit some information in order for them to assess their application for
the Business Partners Ltd Energy Fund for SMEs. Below is a list of information they typically require:
· Quotes for equipment from an accredited installer.
· Copies of Identity documents of all related parties.
· Company/ Close Corporation documents.
· Copy of Registration Certificate/ Founding Statement.
· Copy of memorandum of incorporation.
· Copy of the company’s share register.
· Signed Annual Financial Statements not older than 12 months from date of application.
· Signed Management Accounts not older than 3 months from date of application.
· 12 Months’ bank statements of the business for the period ending no earlier than 3 months before
date of application.
· A rental statement (premises), not older than 1 month.
· The statements for any other credit agreements such as ISA, Bond Facilities, Trade Finance; and
which statements must not be older than 3 months from date of application.
· Statements of assets and liabilities for the main business owner/s.
Confirmation of bank account details issued by the relevant bank

The applicant must be a company or a close corporation – trusts cannot be funded.

  • The applying company’s shareholding/ membership must be held by a natural person.
  • The business’s turnover must be less than R20 million.
  • The business must have a trading history of not less than 2 years. Start‐up businesses are not financed using this financing product.
  • The business must have a profitable track record.
  • The business must have clear credit record.
  • The business must be able to afford instalments based on cash flows history

The enhanced renewable energy tax incentive was inserted as section 12BA last year. It provides for a
temporary separate allowance of 125% of the costs for new and unused assets brought into use for the first
time on or after 1 March 2023 but before 1 March 2025. As such, the payback period for any installation
done for the remainder of the 25 Fiscal year is within 9 months of installation, provided that the business
generate sufficient taxable income.

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